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Italy Space

100% Made in Italy

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Italy Brand
Strada affollata

Italy Space is

also  formation.

Through it it spreads the products of excellence of the Made in Italy Brand

And  the quality 

from the  italian cuisine


Pickup options

You can also collect your products at the local Italy Space offices indicated in the specific areas of the area

Delivery time

Our delivery times may vary depending on the type of product and availability. It will be our care to indicate in every single article the times and methods of delivery most congenial to your needs

Health and safety regulations

Our affiliated companies comply with food safety and personal safety standards according to the applications of regulations and protocols in the field of food hygiene. The companies also comply with anti Covid-19 health regulations and protocols



We thank the Partners who contributed to the realization of the Italy Space project and allow the development of the 100% Made in Italy Brand

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