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vino rosso

"I work in an alluvial land that is not very hilly, beautiful and very fertile, which changes and improves every year"

Giampiero Filippi has a history of agriculture behind him, but it is in the 90s that he decides to resume the activity of his ancestors: to return to the land and start his company. The territory is that of Cori, on the slopes of the Lepini Mountains, around only fields and meadows.
He immediately experimented with the organic method and then got to know the complex world of biodynamic agriculture and use it for all productions. Giampiero wants to make an agriculture that is attentive to the environment, respectful of man and natural cycles. He rediscovers multiculture, the reproduction of seeds on the farm and the use of traditional varieties. Today it produces vegetables and a few processed products (tomato sauce, table olives, oil, wine…).
For some time, Giampiero's son has decided to join the company. He mainly deals with the vineyard, cultivating the native grape varieties Bellone and Nero Buono. Its ambition is to produce a healthy wine that is faithful to the production area.

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