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Italy Space in the world


How and where Italy Space Lviv was born


Italy Space was born from the innovative capacity of the Italian entrepreneurial system, especially of the niche brand e  artisanal.

From the conviction of this entrepreneurial ability, an essential strength, the Italy Space project was born as a reference point for quality Made in Italy products.

Italy Space is the expression of Italian culture in the world

"Italy Space"

True Made in Italy taste

the project starts in September 2019, when the first B2B session is held, organized by Confartigianato Frosinone in collaboration with Aspiin (special company of the Frosinone Chamber of Commerce) and the Embassy of Ukraine in Rome, with delegations of Ukrainian entrepreneurs from the agricultural sector and feed towards export collaboration actions. The event, held in Veroli (FR) at the Filonardi building, was the launch of "CIOCIARIA, the Countryside of ROME opens to the world" where Confartigianato Imprese Frosinone presents the internationalization project for its associated companies towards the market of 'Ukraine, following the path taken  the Association of Frosinone, through the system association Asso Eventi Form Lazio, has developed and signed (December 2019) a partnership agreement with the Training structure of the Salesian Fathers Don Bosco with its registered office in Lviv (Ukraine), Via Doroha Kryvchytska, 17-A. The private body of professional-technical training, recognized as such by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, is registered in the Only Ukrainian State Register of legal entities and entrepreneur natural persons since 21/05/2003 and pursues the same aims of Confartigianato and AssoEventi Form Lazio in wanting to favor the creation and development of businesses as well as employment. After the collaborative activities undertaken by the two training bodies, being the "Don Bosco" center a place of experimentation and development of the professions as well as frequented by the local business world, the creation of "Italy Space" is proposed by mutual agreement.  "Italy Space" is a unique opportunity for SMEs belonging to Confartigianato and for the economy of the territory of the Lviv Region. The main theme will be to disseminate, through Showcooking events, the culture of Italian cuisine and the excellence of Italian products in the Ukrainian territory. Particular attention will be paid to the restaurant and hotel sector, to importers and wholesalers present in the Ukrainian market.  

"Italy Space" was born as a result of the farsightedness towards the internationalization activities of Confartigianato Imprese Frosinone in favor of local companies, in particular of niche and excellence brands.

Italy Space develops as a result of the need of companies in wanting to open their horizons to new international markets and having to keep up with the times.  The creation of permanent showrooms in strategic cities and the creation of online showcases, combined with e-commerce platforms, create an ideal environment such as to allow favorable market economies and, considering the period of change in international marketing strategies, growth of figures professional.

Italy Space is the permanent showroom of the Made in Italy brand where commercial operators can choose and taste, through  Dedicated cooking shows, the best of Italian agri-food and production excellence to offer to its customers. Italy Space is an opportunity for local catering operators to be able to taste and choose the products of Italian excellence directly in the Showroom, to be able to receive adequate direct and online advice from expert Italian Chefs for the preparation of delicious dishes of Italian cuisine and to be able to order even small quantities from the products in the showcase. Italy Space is also, through the collaboration between the Italian training school "AssoEventi Form Lazio" and the "Don Bosco" training school of the Salesian Fathers of Lviv, specialized training for the dissemination of Italian culture in the field of cooking and products of Made in Italy excellence.

At Italy Space you will always find qualified personnel who will be able to respond to any  need of the food sector. An appointment with a specialized operator can be booked online either at the Showroom or, for personalized advice, at the company. 

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