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ItalySpace and Confartigianato companies in Doha

Appreciation for Made in Italy by ItalySpace in Qatar

The mission to Qatar of the companies belonging to ItalySpace has ended.

Appreciation for the excellent Italian agri-food products by the Qatari public and by the commercial operators and hotels present in the splendid city of Doha.

In order to identify the ideal venue for ItalySpace Qatar, the Italian delegation visited the new tourist district, nearing completion, of the island inspired by the city of Venice

In order to better identify the ideal solution for the opening of the ItalySpace Qatar Showroom, other new commercial districts nearing completion in the city of Doha were visited. Other hypotheses are the premises of Palazzo Hilton and Palazzo Mandarina Qatar. All interesting solutions that the Italian representatives, together with the Qatari partners, are analyzing at best.

In addition to the presence of agri-food products, the Qatari partners welcome companies in the Oil & Gas sector, considered among the best in the world.

Strong interest also for companies specialized in the field of artificial intelligence and robotics.

There is also strong interest in the road transport sector for the construction and liquid transport sector.

Companies that are interested in participating and exhibiting their products at ItalySpace Qatar can send their expression of interest to:

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